Place: Matty's Plan



(1) Create Housing for Our Community and Visitor Economy:

Collaborate closely with the W&F planning Executives, House Builders/Associations, and the public to facilitate the construction of housing developments that cater to the needs of our expanding community.

  • Through transparent and inclusive planning processes, we aim to address the housing demands and ensure sustainable growth.

(2) Improve our Roads and Access:

Prioritise road maintenance, especially addressing potholes.

  • Ensure essential rural road connections to remote communities are well-maintained.
  • Implement a sensible pedestrianised town centre with an outer road plan to alleviate Kendal's congestion and provide efficient access for commercial traffic to major trunk outlets.
  • Maintain affordable £2 bus fares.
  • Build the Kendal Northern Access Relief Road! 

(3) Champion our Visitor Economy:

Champion visitors, particularly in the Lake District National Park, the largest tourist destination outside London.

  • Ensure adequate financial support for Cumbria Tourism to effectively represent the tourism industry.
  • Prevent the Liberal Democrats from disrupting the balance between the Economy, Community, and Environment by prioritising sustainable growth and the well-being of residents in the visitor economy.
  • Conduct a review of our UNESCO World Heritage Status to ensure it aligns with the needs and aspirations of our region.

(4) Protect our Natural Beauty: 

Collaborate with the Lake District National Park Authority, Environment Agency, the NFU, and other agencies to promote and safeguard our special area's sustainability, diversity, and resilience.

  • Work closely with local communities, landowners, and conservation organisations to ensure responsible land use and protection of our National Parks.
  • Maintain our standing in the 'best places in the UK' top 10 rankings to safeguard our region's brand.