Prosperity: Matty's Plan



(1) Positive Planning Culture: 

Take on the negative planning culture entrenched within our constituency, striving to usher in a new era of real growth and opportunities for our home.

  • It's time to shift the focus onto our people, prioritising their needs, aspirations, and livelihoods.
  • We will cultivate an environment that supports and actively encourages innovation, progress, and sustainable development by challenging the status quo.
  • We will work with the local council and UNESCO to build a more positive planning culture for an era of growth that leverages our unique heritage.

Let's pave the way for a brighter future that puts our people at the forefront of positive change.

(2) Attract High-value, High-paying Jobs to Westmorland and Lonsdale:

One way we will do this is by establishing a diverse economy along the A590 corridor, focusing on engineering and high-tech industries. Leverage our strategic position in the country, along both the A590 and A66, and we can realise this vision.

  • This effort, complemented by top-tier educational institutions, aims to create a vibrant environment conducive to families and young professionals wanting to move here. 
  • Addressing A590 and A66 pressure points and bottlenecks ensures seamless traffic flow and fosters sustainable growth.

This is about Jobs for Your Children and Grandchildren.

  • Promote job creation and entrepreneurship, placing a distinct emphasis on attracting high-value and high-tech employment opportunities.
  • Envision Westmorland and Lonsdale evolving into a mini Silicon Valley, a hub of innovation and technological advancement.
  • We aim to propel the region into a thriving centre for cutting-edge industries by fostering a culture that supports startups and innovative enterprises.

(3) Enhance Local Education and Opportunities:

Ensure the highest quality education for our young people.

  • Support Kendal College in becoming the leading hospitality, hotel, and catering institution in the UK.
  • Empower graduates with the necessary business skills and backing, encouraging them to establish their careers within the local community.